Create a capstone project representing the formal, conceptual, and technical skills you have developed as a graphic design student attending MTSU.
Prepare for entry into the graphic design industry by focusing on interviewing processes, portfolio presentation, and ethics of working in a design environment.
Alexa Games, “Readerly: Books to Your Door.” Spring 2015.
Ariel Tyndell, “Clever Chest.” Spring 2015.
WINNER: 2016 Nashville Student Silver ADDY Award
Della Wheeler, “Project : Iris: Look. Capture. Create.” Spring 2015.
WINNER: 2016 Nashville Student Gold ADDY Award
Katie Stephens, “The Silent Type: Exposing Juvenile Diabetes.” Spring 2015.
Stephanie Hamilton, “CHOMP: Biting into Bad Manners.” Spring 2015.
Timothy Rudolph, “Pharos Cancer Center: Lighting a Cancer-Free Tomorrow.” Spring 2015.
Whitney Pierce, “Love Your Selfie.” Spring 2015.
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