Actively listen to things that are said to or around them.
Analyze the deeper meaning of words through context, vernacular, and cultural symbolism
Experiment with materials to find an ideal method for conveying verbal language through visual text,
Examine verbal language and how it translates into letterforms.
Stretch the use of type beyond its symbolic representation of words by using additional modes of signification (icons, indexes, and other symbols).
Create a deeper meaning in a written text through typography translated into a material and/or space.
Sam Ganados, “I could never do something like that. It’s so permament.” Spring 2020.
Charlene Gassett, “Do you feel seen?” Fall 2021.
Aranza Acosta, “If she gets fired, we’re all quitting.” Spring 2020.
Kelsey Neill, “I actually ordered a VENTI!!” Spring 2020.
Ana Charvet, “Interesting, I thought you were...” Spring 2020.
Stacy Winters, “You’re not good enough at design.” Spring 2020.

Jake Tolbert, “I have to disrespect authority.” Fall 2019.

Jilda Cheng, “You eat too much.” Fall 2019.

Mary Sawyer, “You’d be prettier if you were less of a d**e.” Fall 2019

Sofia Arredondo, “¡Muévete viejo! ¡Están jugando!” Fall 2019.

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