Cereal Problem

OBJECTIVES To develop skills with the following tools in Adobe Illustrator: Type tools, Eyedropper tool, Texture Effects, Symbols menu + brushes, Special brushes, Gradient Mesh, Perspective Grid, 3-D Effects To expand knowledge of creating textures and effects in Photoshop. To create enticing packaging for fictional brand(s), geared towards a very specific consumer. To make your own templates for the product packaging. To explore illustrative typography. Utilize color, symbolism, and imagery to connect with a specific audience. OUTCOMES Templates and 3-dimensional renderings of a cereal (or similar product) box and beverage label/packaging. Constructed mock-ups of the cereal box and beverage label (optional)*

ART 4280 Digital Illustration
Alyxandra Booker, “The Skullery Sugar Skulls Cereal and Horchatte Beverage." Middle Tennessee State University, Fall 2014.
Stephanie Hamilton, “Anchor Down Wahoo Loos Cereal and Pressed Pearl Beverage."
Middle Tennessee State University, Fall 2014.
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