Develop skills with the following tools in Adobe Illustrator: Type tools, Eyedropper tool, Texture Effects, Symbols menu + brushes, Special brushes, Gradient Mesh, Perspective Grid, 3-D Effects
Expand knowledge of creating textures and effects in Photoshop.
Create enticing packaging for a fictional brand(s) geared toward a specific consumer.
Make your own templates for the product packaging.
Explore illustrative typography.
Utilize color, symbolism, and imagery to connect with a specific audience.
Templates and 3-dimensional renderings of a cereal (or similar product) box and beverage label/packaging.
Constructed mock-ups of the cereal box and beverage label (optional)*
Alyxandra Booker, “The Skullery Sugar Skulls Cereal and Horchatte Beverage.” Fall 2014.
Stephanie Hamilton, “Anchor Down Wahoo Loos Cereal and Pressed Pearl Beverage.” Fall 2014.
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