Card Game

OBJECTIVE To learn and develop skills with the following in Adobe Illustrator: Line tool, Shape tools, Pathfinder, Shape builder, Align tools, Blend tool, Outline text, Transform tools + menu, Pen tool, Artboards, Duplication, Groups To discuss style and ethics as they pertain to illustration. To develop a cohesive set of illustrations using limited color palettes, shapes, and refined text. To create simple and complex patterns using the software. OUTCOME A set of 54 playing cards (with box/case) based on people + objects of importance to you.

ART 4280 Digital Illustration
Erica Belletete, “Wild Adventures.” Middle Tennessee State University, Fall 2014.
WINNER : 2016 District 7 Student Gold ADDY Award
WINNER : 2016 Nashville Student Gold ADDY Award 
Ariel Tyndell, “The FAMILY Playing Cards.” Middle Tennessee State University, Fall 2014.
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